Born as an educational platform, today we provide IT services to Hispanic companies and individuals.

About Us

Educapolis LLC, founded in Missouri, brings 8+ years of experience in technology around the world, pursuing to help and support Hispanic companies and individuals in the United States.

In Educapolis we consider foundational to adopt technology to take advantage and apply it to business and work.

We provide, in Spanish, our services to SMB, large organizations and individuals.


Our Services

Do you feel that you need to use technology in your company or work, but you lack time and knowledge? You know that learning to use technology takes time and the information is usually in English.

Don’t worry anymore, Educapolis is a company with years of experience, Hispanic roots and we speak Spanish!!

During these last years, virtual education has become the main tool for many schools, universities, companies, and people. Due to the pandemic, many organizations were unable to continue with their daily activities in person and had to migrate to virtual and remote tools. A well-reputated study about labor loyalty, concluded that companies that train their employees make them stay longer in their workplaces. Educapolis has an E-Learning platform. with more than 20,000 students enrolled worldwide and dozens of courses developed. We offer to SMB businesses solutions so they can train their staff privately. But not only the platform. We have deep experience producing self-pace courses and trainings, including interesting tools like animation, gamification, tests, among others. We provide a 24×7 platform, accessible from Smartphones, Laptops and Desktops. This way, people can study at their own pace, from any device, until they develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals. We provide the complete solution, depending on the requirements:
  • E-Learning private platform renting
  • Private courses creation
  • Public courses for Individuals
And always remember, our platform and courses in SPANISH if you need it like this!
TARGET MARKET: Small & MidSize Business / Individuals
Information Technology Consulting and Advisory can be understood as the provision of services related to IT, aiming the SMB business and individuals benefit from a good use of technology. Have you felt like you need to use technology to take the leap in your company or in your job, but you do not have time to focus on it.

Our IT Consulting and Advisory, ensures our clients either to learn or to adopt different disciplines of technology.

Also, for individuals we coach at your pace, regardless the level of understanding of technology.

Are you over 50 and feel like you are not going to understand about IT, the famous Cloud, Excel, QuickBooks or so? Stop worrying! We train you and give you the necessary coaching.

Our main services for this line are:
  • IT Consulting 101 for Businesses
  • IT Consulting 101 for people (groups or individual)
  • General or specific IT workshops
  • Personalized coaching workshops on technology, entrepreneurship and business for companies or individuals
  • Advice to develop proposals and professional documents on the application of technology in business
  • Consulting to companies to evaluate solution providers (tenders)
  • Programming and setup of IT systems and mobile apps
  • Website Development
  • Journey of the business to the Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Taking advantage of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in business and work
  • Workshops, Consultancies and Advice on specific request
And always remember, we assist you in SPANISH!
TARGET MARKET: Small & MidSize Business / Individuals

When companies decide to develop or install a specific software solution to meet their business needs, maybe related to sales, inventory management, purchases, etc., they need to execute a software implementation project. These endeavors cannot be developed without a Project Manager, with expertise of defining, monitoring and ensuring the quality of the required activities, using the personnel assigned and budget resources. A well-managed project ensures a successful implementation.

Along the years, Educapolis principal partners, have been Project Managers of about 200 important projects developed in different countries of Latinamerica, for different industries such as Retail, Logistics, Banking, Telecomm, Utilities, Oil&Gas, Healthcare, Government, among others.

We used PMBOK and AGILE methodologies in dozens of projects.

We provide:

  • Project Management service: a Senior Manager dedicated to work on your behalf, dealing with providers and stakeholders, defining better routes to accomplish the goals.
  • Project Management workshop: The How-To’s. We guide you to understand the basics of project management, main KPI needed to keep projects under control, warning signs early detection, etc.
  • Project Intervention: If your project is off-the road, we assist you to bring it back to life
  • PMO (Project Management Office): We can monitor your different projects, providing also dashboards to understand advancements, risks, required actions, etc.

Always have present, we can develop our services in SPANISH!
TARGET MARKET: Small & MidSize Business

Before implementing any technology solution in a company, it is a must to analyze its business processes. This type of consultancy considers specialized methodologies and frameworks to examine whether existing systems and processes are aligned to meet the company’s goals.

This analysis developed (scenario “As-Is”), is compared to where you want your business positioned in the next years (scenario “To-Be”). Once finished, we develop a “Gap Analysis” between these two scenarios, to understand what pieces are missing.

Once all this is developed, our consultant defines projects plans, associated budget, owners, risks, dependencies, among other variables.

All this information provides the companies a detailed roadmap of how to start or accelerate the digital transformation required to grow the business in a market everyday more competitive.

Our main services consider:

  • Company Goals definition workshops
  • Business process analysis and pain-points identification
  • Gap Analysis from Best-Practices and business goals definitions
  • IT requirements based on the improved processes
  • IT Projects Roadmap

Always have present, we can develop our services in SPANISH!

TARGET MARKET: Small & MidSize Business

Why Us ?


We value long-term relationships with our customers and strives to exceed their expectations in every aspect of our collaboration, pursuing to put our customers’ needs and preferences first to succeed in their goals.


We provide a comprehensive range of IT services, from consulting and design to development and deployment, as well as online training and self-pace courses.

Trustable team

We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about IT and committed to customer satisfaction.

How we make the difference


We want to hear you, understand your needs, unlock new opportunities while solving your challenges. And we can do this in Spanish.


With our services, you will build faster, scale easier, and deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders.


We turn your needs into reality so you can drive forward and set apart from your competitors, making a positive impact in the community.

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